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[Patrick] So can u tell me what the role of esaac was in the determination of the uniform for this year?

[C-rod] Yes the uniform policy was, we actually had a uniform committee made out of students they made a proposal that proposal then goes to esaac.  And basically esaac either support it or not.  So basically what we did was just go what was proposed.

[Patrick] so umm did you guys determine like the prices of the uniforms?   So what impact did essac have on the uniform?   Did they just give the final approval?

[C-rod] Esaac didn’t get to decide on the prices of the uniform.

[Patrick] Did esaac make any modifications?

[C-rod] No we went with whatever the committee came up with.

[Patrick]soo umm why was the agreement  whay was the resolution of the esaac necessary?

[C-rod]Because to be for ..the any policy like that for the uniform policy has to be approved by the esaac. We’re like the final stamp of approval.

[Patrick]who makes up esaac?

[C-rod]Parents, teachers, students. teachers they’re are 15 of us they’re are 4 students 5 parents I think.

[Patrick]How did the school come up with the uniform prices?

[C-rod}They didn’t decide.  They don’t make any profit off the sales of uniform.

yes i included the umms and all the confusiong parts of his sentances perfect quotes


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List of colleges in miami

St.Thomas University

16401 NW 37th Avenue -Miami Gardens, Florida 33054

(305) 628-6546

Miami-Dade Community College

300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132-2204


Florida International University

Johnson & Wales University 1701 NE 127th street, North Miami, Florida 33181

No number available on website i need to find it

Uniform Policy Post, Redeaux

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Who:   High school class of 2009

What : Average SAT math scores stayed the same to the prior year  when writing went down.

Where: Across the US

When: 2009

Why: Ethnicity, Family wealth, and Race

Lede: Across the US the average SAT scores went down while math stayed the same to the prior year due to ethnicity, race, and family wealth.